Meet “Lenny”

lennyLet me introduce you to Lenny, the unwanted “squatter” in my left boob. I will never forget the day I found him.

Fri 23 June 2017

I was carrying out my regular boob check when I suddenly felt something that didn’t feel right. My stomach turned, the way it does when I think I have made a huge “balls” up at work so I felt it again. It was there and this wasn’t “normal” for me.  It was 6am and my husband had just got in the shower for work. I asked him to check and he said he could feel the same. I told him I would get an appointment at the doctors next week to which he responded “You get an emergency appointment today”.  I knew he was right so that is exactly what I did. No messing about. If this was a “bad” lump I knew wasting time was not an option!

3 hours later I had been seen by the GP.  I had gone all prepared to argue that I wanted to be referred and I was not going to wait to see what happened but there was no arguing needed! GP could feel what I could feel.  He did try and reassure me with the “9/10 lumps turn out to be benign” and yes I know I should remain positive but I have a sneaky suspicion about this little lump and usually my gut is right.  The good news is I have an appointment but the bad news is I have to wait 2 weeks.  However it is an all in one appointment so I am reassured it will be quicker than going private.  I do call him back to confirm this.  The OCD part of me needed to know that I am not wasting any time, not a single day.  Now I have to wait and I know for a fact that “patience” is not be strength!