Anyone for a Boob Toastie?

After the Ultrasound, I am told I will have a Mammogram that I have since renamed the “Boob Toastie”. In short you put your bread “boob” into the sandwich press machine and there you have it, a “Boob Toastie”!

I actually didn’t find the Mammogram itself too uncomfortable, apparently its hard to see “younger” people’s boobs clearly on a mammogram due to our breast tissue being more dense.


After the Mammogram I was lead back to the ultrasound room.  My husband was still in the waiting room.  The Dr returned and she said they would now perform the biopsy which would be sent away, instantly the shaking returned.  They did try and distract me with “what do you do for a living?” “how old is your son” but I could not help the tears trickling down my face.

The Biopsy itself wasn’t too bad but what came next caught me unprepared. “We have to send off the Biopsy but from what we have seen today, it does looks suspiciously like you have a small Breast Cancer. “Small” that is a good word I think and she also used the word “Early”.  I will take all the positives I can at the moment and I knew I would need these words to explain to my family.

Ironically the crying had stopped but all I could think about was how I was going to tell my husband.  You see 4.5 years ago he almost lost me and our son during childbirth and then weeks later he lost his mum.  I could not let him lose me, losing me was not an option.

It must have only been minutes but it felt like hours before Rob joined me back in the room. “They really believe it’s cancer but at least we know now” I said in my strongest voice.  “I am so glad they have just been honest with me”. We had a cuddle, I never had needed a cuddle so much.

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