Results are in!

resultsdayThank goodness the loos are near to the waiting area! We are back here again, this time not so early.  I see the familiar face of the Breast Cancer Nurse (BCN) and I feel more at ease.

We are called in and then wait for the Consultant.  She enters the room and confirms what we were all expecting.  The good news is it a small lump approx 25mm and Grade 2 which means it is not as “aggressive” as Grade 3.  I also have pre cancer cells called DCIS extended to 55mm and it is Estrogen receptor positive – which apparently is another positive.  She believes I could have breast conserving surgery called a Lumpectomy.  I explained I had booked an appointment through my private health care to try and have surgery done as quick as possible.  I also explain that I have recently lost almost 3 stone in weight which combined with breast feeding have resulted in my boobs travelling in a southerly direction!


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