Boob Cancer Buddy

One thing I have really struggled with so far is not having anyone to talk to who truly understands how I feel.  That was until I gave one of my closest friend’s sister a call – she had told me to contact her – she had fought Breast Cancer not only once, but twice!

Our quick chat ended up lasting over an hour.  We share our key stats and realise we have so much in common at this stage of my journey so far.  Same grade, same boob, same symptoms, same hormone receptor and we are both left handed.  The girl is fountain of wisdom knowledge, she says it as it is and cuts through the crap! She is an absolute legend! Its a serious call but we have a laugh at the same time, I tell her about the official naming of “Lenny” and I quote the official letter about my “somewhat droppy boobs”.  I frantically make as many notes as possible in preparation for  meeting my Surgeon next week.   “Don’t every think for one second, you are going to die” she says.  I cling on to her words, I cling on to them. I really am starting to feel like I am not “alone” anymore and I feel “armed” for battle!!  claire

Oi Missus – let me know how you get on tomorrow when you can. I appreciate you’ll have lots of messages…just wanted you to know I am thinking of you. And of course any questions etc…. I’m here whenever…..Cxx

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