Meeting the Surgeon


Today I met with my Surgeon for the first time.  He has been recommended by so many people and I admit I have googled him probably enough times for me to be labelled a stalker but I need to know I am in safe hands and that his “Sewing” is up to standards.

Another thing I am learning through this process is how short the appointments are and how quick I am having to make huge life changing decisions.  We go through my stats then he makes a call the the Radiographer who saw me.  “Do you think we need an MRI? he asks? Suddently I feel sick, an MRI – omg does he think it has spread?? My heart starts racing and I can feel the anxiety shaking kicking in.  I then become relieved when I can tell from his response that the answer was “No”. Phew, heart starts to return to normal.

We discuss Options – Basically I have 2 – a lumpectomy which is where they remove the lump and reconstruct using tissue from my back or a Mastectomy and reconstruction using my stomach muscles.

We go through the pros and cons. The good thing about having worked at fast paced technology companies all my working life is that I have to make decisions quick.  So I am used to this piece of a process. But making decisions about your health, your life, the piece of my body that played a huge part in making me a women and provided food to my little man for the first 12 months of his life is very different to making a decision to approve a financial investment.

For me it comes down to time “under the knife” and getting Lenny out asap.  I ask about when we can do this and a lumpectomy can be done in 5 days time. Decision made  – get this bas$ard out of me!!!


Glad it went well, I guess it was as you expected. They know as much as you right now…. But just think…. this time Monday… the fu7king tw£t bolloc&s cancer will be gone, It’s just damage limitation from there on in.  You know I am here whenever….I’ll text you monday if you don’t mind, You can always block me. Lots of love gorgeous lady. Cxx

Omg, you should do stand up – you crack me up with your comments! You can text me whenever and keep those comments coming! Gxx

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