Pre-op Checklist

Today, I signed on the dotted line to have Lenny evicted!  I first met with the Surgeon who went through the procedure and what to expect on the day.  Apparently I will need to get there by 7am and I will be 2nd on the list so I might get a bit of  “Lorraine” and “Homes under the Hammer” before I go down!

Apparently he will come and “draw” on me before surgery – I have flashbacks to primary school and “marking” out our sewing in chalk before we did it “properly”!!

He asks if I have questions. My husband has had one on his mind which I ask on his behalf.  He wants them to know I bleed out a lot when I had my son and that they have enough “cross match” – as they say on Holby City 😉

“Any more questions”?

“Well you have answered most but I do have 3 very important questions” I say whilst trying to keep a straight face…..

  1. Can I drink Gin this weekend?
  2. When can I run again?
  3. Can I still do weight watchers?

I won’t tell you the replies but these were very important questions to me!

Firstly I was going to give Lenny a send off that he would always remember and that would involve my favourite drink!  Secondly, 12 months ago I made the decision to become the helathiest version of me I could be and I joined weight watchers.  I have steadily lost almost 3 stone. There is no way I want to go back to where I was.  Last but not least, just under a year ago I could not run 100 metres. I was never built to be a runner and probably never will be but I challenged myself off the couch and now Ipreop

can run 10k – I never thought I would say that and running has really helped me to control stress and particularly anxiety over the last 4 weeks!

Anyways, enough of that – I need to plan a Lenny’s leaving do!!! – omg this could get messy!!!





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