Feeling loved

I have had so many lovely cards, messages and gifts from family and friends and today I received a beautiful flower arrangement from my close colleagues at work.

Throughout this journey, work have been amazing. My boss and team could not have been any more supportive and I really do appreciate all their help.  Although I know that I need to put myself first and give myself time to recover, I can’t help but feeling guilty. I know they are all having to take on extra responsibilities whilst I am off and my business partner doesn’t have his “advisor” around.

I know it won’t be long until I am back though. I have decided to be very open about my health situation. It wasn’t an easy to decision to make to being open with work colleagues but I felt that me going off work with “personnel health issues” wasn’t going to help anyone.

If I could share my story and raise awareness then that would help someone, even if 1 person started checking themselves that is 1 person who could help save their life.




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