Cat nip

Caught up with my boob buddy tonight, she always manages to crack me up as well as give me some very good words of wisdom.  We end up on the subject of reconstruction, which if ever chosen as a subject on Mastermind – she would win hands down!

I don’t know how, but we end up on the subject prosthetic nipples – I never even knew they existed!

C: “I lost one of them and then discovered the cat had eaten it for a snack!” 

G: “Omg – your cat ate your Nip”

C: Yep, Now I keep the other one on top of the remote control, guess who controls the tv in our house now!” 

G: That has to be the funniest story I have heard in my life, I need a photo!!!”

C sends the photo.

G: “Bloody hell that looks so real, I might order some”catnip

After the stories of cats and nips, I fill her in on getting my drain removed and confess up to my boobs falling off story.

G: “Oh yeah – I also got told off for taking off my ted socks, apparently need to keep the bloody hideous things on for 2 weeks!”

C: “HaHa .. I took mine off in the toilet on the way home from surgery. I think DVT is the least of our shit”

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