Lufbra Girls

I’m sat in the hairdressers being pampered. I have been coming every few days for my hair washed as I am still too sore to wash, dry and straighten my hair.  It’s my little treat to myself and I am finding that making a bit of effort with myself, really does help my mood.  Today one of my closest friends is coming to visit me. She has gone through Breast Cancer with her sister twice and now me 😦

J was my room mate at Lufbra.  We met 20 years ago and when I first met her she could hardly understand my broad Yorkshire accent compared with her “proper” Queen’s English! She still speaks “posh” even though she has lived in Chester for years!

We’ve been through some tough times together and shared many a broken heart.  One Valentine’s Day, we sat feeling so sorry for ourselves watching Kate and Leo in Titanic and stuffing enough chocolates down us to keep Cadbury’s in business for a while!

We also did the old “Magaluf” summer hols and have spent thousands of hours dancing the nights away.

Tonight though I am taking her to our local gastro pub…..No kids or husbands just us!   We get all glammed up, I put on my newly purchased white jeans. Never worn white jeans as always had thunder thighs but my new running legs have made me so much more confident in what I wear.

The evening feels like old times even though we have certainly changed over the years.  Our dresses have got longer, our heels have got shorter, our boobs have gone a little south and our taste in drink has thankfully moved on since Lambrini!!

However we still know how to have a giggle and a good time and for once in a very long time….. I forget I have cancer….. I’m feeling like me 🙂1997

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