Afternoon Tea

Today is a really special day. I am hosting a breast cancer care afternoon tea for my close female family.  It is very rare that we are all together and even more rare for just the girls.

I’m not the first onein our family to be diagnosed with breast cancer.  It’s 15 years ago since my auntie was diagnosed. I was living down south at the time and I didn’t get to see much of her during her treatment. She’s such very strong lady and an a huge inspiration to me…. more than she will ever know.  She’s a breast cancer survivor who fills me with so much hope that I can get through this.

However, I am the first of my generation to go through this though and I hope and pray I am the last.

It means so much for me to see them, the last couple of times we have been together was at my other auntie and uncles funeral.  They both died of the big C earlier his year, only a few weeks apart. It was one of those situations that you think just happens on tv and then you realise it’s happening to your family.

Everyday I think about my cousin and what she has gone through losing both her parents.  It is times like this I wish I lived closer to my family.  My aunt and uncles’ cancer was completely different to mine though afternoonteaand I have to remember that. Mine potentially can be cured although nothing is ever certain but then nothing in life is.

But today is about being together, as the strong family of girls that we are and having a giggle, filling our faces with tea, cake and perhaps a pimms or too as well as talking about this serious subject.

My friend Rosie has made the cakes. G&T and Pimms cupcakes! My idea of cupcake heaven! They look amazing and taste even better!

I even manage to do a breast awareness lesson, it’s so important for everyone to check themselves. I have been gobsmacked at the number of my friends who don’t, well it’s my job to change that!!!  We have to give ourselves the best possible chance of surviving this evil disease that effects so many lives. We owe it to our families and we owe it to ourselves.

We raised over £120 today…… Proud moment!

Thank you so much to everyone who came 🙂

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