Meet the Prof

This morning I met my Oncologist, I didn’t even now what an oncologist was until a few weeks ago when I spoke to C. Apparently, He is responsible for my treatment plan.

Like the Surgeon, he has also been googled, researched and I even watched his videos.  My stalking tendencies have reached a new level.

We start by go through my key stats.  I can’t help but instantly like this guy, he certainly knows his stuff – and he’s a Prof. Only Prof I know is Prof Elliott Hope in Holby City and he was the man- Jaq Naylor’s superhero and the Prof is fast becoming mine!.prof

I also like the words being used: “small”, “tiny”. It’s amazing how I still cling on to those words.

Then come some tough questions from him, ones I am not prepared for……

“How do you feel about chemo?”

Shit, bollosks, how am I supposed to answer that?????

Apparently there are a few types of people.

  • The “chuck anything at me people”
  • The “I only want it, if it will materially benefit me”
  • The others in between

Which category do I sit in?

I answer honestly. I don’t know, I need to think about it……..We talk about the Onco Dx test and we decide to use that as a “tool” to help me make a decision.  He will start the approval process with the insurance company.  In the meantime I will start Radiotherapy.  He explains what this involves and we arrange a Radiotherapy planning session. – I like the sound of that – I LOOOOVVVE planning!

Hubby and I both come out of the session much more positive, although I am starting to understand the roller coaster journey people describe.

But as the day goes on, I start to feel a bit like I am on a chemo pendulum. My issue is I don’t understand. I need to do my research. Tackle this like a work project. Knowledge is king and it will help to give me confidence in the decision that lies ahead!

@ C: Did you have an Onco dx test?

C: No. I ordered it. And they “forgot about me”.   He was a complete kno3 And I didn’t pay his extortionate bill and he never chased me either. I didn’t get my results for 8 weeks. It was too late for onco test. So I had a kpi test. Which showed that my cells are slow growing. Chemo .. as you know .. works on fast growing cells. Hence why you lose your hair! This was the 2nd time I had it btw. It wasn’t available the first time. It was nearly 9 years ago! Xx

G: He also mentioned a test called pam50. Just read the onco official paper after googling. Oh I love thee google, I hate thee google !!! Xx

C: Your enemy and your best friend for a while ! Xx

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