Hold yer Breath!

Tomorrow I am having my Radiotherapy planning session. It involves learning how to do a “breath hold” where I basically will have to hold my breath for 30 seconds whilst they blast my boob.   I am told it’s a fairly new thing, apparently if you have Radiotherapy on your left and they catch your heart, it can lead to long term heart problems……Oh Lenny, you are the gift that keeps on giving!

The reasoning is by holding your breath, it creates a space between your heart and your boob!  I have never been able to hold my breath for very long so I decide to do a few practices! Failure in this is not an option and practise makes perfect!!!


Bloody hell…… that wasn’t easy but it can only get better!

The thought of Radiotherapy doesn’t bother me, the chemo is another situation.  Now I have decided to “chuck everything at this” I am really getting anxious that by having chemo after Radiotherapy, I am jeopardising the benefits and worried Lenny’s wanna be mates are getting bigger in my body.

Where is the Prof when I need him!???????

I posted to a support network on Facebook about my condition. Up to now I had found the group helpful but loads of girls started questioning the order I was having things and why I was even contemplating the Onco Dx test.

It has really messed with my head…:. I can feel a wobble occurring. I have a chat with hubby, we talk things through, he calms me down as always with this “logic” hat and we decide I will try and get to speak with the Prof tomorrow. Even if I have to stalk him outside is office!

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