Gem Donut

I decide to get to the hospital early, enough time to hunt down the Prof’s secretary and explain the situation.

“We will get you to see the Prof” she says

I am so relieved.

I thank the Prof for seeing me at such short notice. I give him an update on my thought process around Chemo and how my decision is that I want to chuck everything at this.

He reassures me that doing the Radiotherapy first is not going to cause an issue for the Chemo and we still have a good “window” for Chemo to start

and just like that, I feel so much more settled…..

My CT planing goes really well and the breath hold is actually fine – A* Student!!!  It was my first time having a CT scan which is used to work out where everything is so they can line me up in the right place each day.

I can only describe the CT Scanner as a cross between a donut and an open tumble drier. I lie there as still as I can, must not get the giggles now.

I feel like a Gem Donut!

Another tick in the box. Another step forward. All set for blasting!donut

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