Gin Girls

This week I had a visit from my “right hand lady” who works for me. Although we both respect our manager / employee relationship, we are very close to one another which has really helped us both facing this situation. She knew about Lenny as soon as I found him. Despite us both being homeworkers, I knew she would be able to detect something was wrong. I am usually such a bubbly upbeat person but sometimes it all gets too overwhelming and I can’t always put on an act. It’s not always easy being open but it was the best decision I made.

She is such a loyal worker, too loyal for her own good at times and she has really taken care of “steering the ship” in my absence. I know it hasn’t been easy for her with the added work pressure, so I take her out to our local Gastro pub as a big “thank you”.

We both like a gin, actually lets change that, we both LOVE a gin and we seem to have gained a reputation for being the “Gin Girls 😉

During the day we catch up on work, although I do have to go and have a nap in the afternoon. The surgery has really zapped my energy, at times it can really be frustrating.

When A leaves the next day, I am sad to see her go. Not only her company but for the past 24 hours I really felt like the finance professional I was a few weeks back….. before Lenny became the centre of attention.. It is so hard not “fully”contributing to the day job, especially when you love the job and the people.

I really miss “normal life” but I know I have to be patient and put myself first. It’s bloody hard at times!

Ps My friend Rosie drew this doodle as a reminder she still hasn’t been to our amazing local pub. Next time you are here our Rosie, I promise to take you there and we will have bubbles!!!!


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