Dear Mickey Mouse…

This summer is definitely not the summer we had planned. Today we should have been flying out to Disneyworld, Florida for a once in a lifetime holiday.

10 of us were going and no one was more exciting about seeing Eeyore and Mickey than me. I had even organised the dinner locations in the hope to have my photo taking with the sad donkey! He is my all time favourite.  When I was in my early 20s I had a slight obsession, everything Eeyore. Nowadays I only have a few bits but like Eeyore some days I think I have “lost my tail” and lost a bit of myself.


I feel guilty that we have had to cancel our hols but the risk of me flying long-haul with increased risk of DVT and lympodema, which is a condition you really don’t want to google were the deciding factors.

Everyone understood and in a way I think hubby was relieved. I’d rather go at full fitness and where I can go on all the rides.

The truth is I am still sore, I do forget sometimes, people forget too, they go to hug me and I can’t help but yelp “ouch”.   However we have decided that we will still do something, we need a break, “time out” from this situation before the weeks and months of active treatment start.

So we have booked Center Parcs. I have never been but I have heard great stories. We decide to go to the local one so that I am only a short car ride away in case I need to go to the hospital.  I am sure everything will be fine, I am healing so well but it’s peace of mind, my comfort blanket 🙂



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