Unconditional Love

After our 4 days at Center Parcs we are off to my oldies for a few days.  We have lots planned…. a trip to the wildlife park, science museums and a train trip to Scarborough.

We had already made plans for our bathroom to be redone whilst we were in Disney and we decided to still go ahead.  I am so determined that Lenny is not going to get in the way of our plans, he’s managed to spoil enough of them already.

The Project Manager is doing an amazing job, that’s my dad by the way. Over the years he has helped renovate our cottage and we will be eternally grateful for the hours he has spent “making things happen” and when things go wrong, coming to our rescue.

He’s been my superhero ever since I was little, saving me from lions after I had bad nightmares, daddy cuddles after many a broken heart, I’d be lost without him.

But having my own little man now makes me understand why dad does the things he does, unconditional love.daddy

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