“Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside”

Today we are off to Scarborough, a childhood favourite place of mine.  We decide to make it more fun but going on the train. I live with two train obsessed boys so it makes perfect sense.

We meet my friend Rosie at York station and have a quick porridge stop.

Whilst walking down to the beach my son spots a fudge shop.  Thankfully Rosie manages to convince him the cake shaped fudge is in fact “playdoh” cake so we avoid having to go in – Aunty Rosie to the rescue!

We picked a great day, it’s not raining and not busy at all. We all have fun on the beach before having fish and chips. The northern ones of us have mushy peas – yum yum.

I used to spend many summers in Scarborough. I’d spend a week here at Scarborough summer school for badminton. We literally played “badders” all day and our treat was to head to the arcades at night.

“We have to go to the slots” I say

The kids love the slots, they had a few at center parcs and got addicted there. Thankfully here there are 2p slots  – yes you can’t take the Yorkshire out of me and I am a tight ar$e!

“We” manage to win quite a few things even if we did put in 10 x more than our winnings!

Rosie and my step daughter even manage to con the staff into given them a prize they didn’t actually win – no surprise there!

On the way back to the station I can’t resist a couple of tacky purchases. The first is  a boob mug with various shapes of boobs  – it had to be done, it was obviously fate!

Mine looked like cucumbers before Lenny was evicted but according to my son they are more like oranges now! …..At least he did not say bee stings. Maybe it’s all the ice cream I bribed him with today – thanks for the compliment my son!

We also buy 2 poop pens. Rosie hasn’t worked out one is for her!


We do get a few funny stares when Rosie and the little man start playing with their flying poop pens or maybe it was his bottom burps. I just wanted to crawl into a hole at one point!

I am exhausted but I had such a fun day, creating memories with my very special family xxx


One thought on ““Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside”

  1. Excuse me… I think you’ll find we were rescuing a toy that was stuck in the arcade machine!!! Ok it wasn’t the machine we were playing at the time but still 😉😂 as for bottom burps. I wonder if they’re managed to air out that train carriage yet! Such a strong aroma from such a little man! Love my poop pen… makes writing things so much more fun xx

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