Good Boob, gone bad!

It’s Tuesday evening whilst changing my dressing that I notice some unusual discharge seeping out of my good boob (which I had an uplift during the removal of Lenny).  I ask Nurse hubby for an opinion.  He thinks my wound is starting to open, maybe the scab has come off too early?

I don’t want to take any chances and contact the ward, they did say to call if any problems. They are just doing handover and will call back.  In he meantime I take my temp – normal. That is a good sign. I don’t feel unwell either.

I decide to take a wound selfie and send to my health advisor, aka my mum. She is a retired nurse and normally knows more than the docs themselves.

She isn’t happy with the pic, you need to get it checked out.

The ward call back, we go through my symptoms and they say to speak to my breast cancer nurse first thing.  I am fine with that, I just wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing.


“I am not going to call them” I say to hubby, “I am going to camp there first thing until I am seen”…… I have a plan!



We’re all going on our Summer Holiday!

Omg I loooove center parcs, it’s like entering a different world……A forest world!

Within an hour of getting here, we head up to the pool. I decide just to have a paddle, I do have water resistant dressings but it just isn’t worth it.

Seeing my little man smiling and giggling with his daddy and big sister is all I wanted to see.

It’s ironic, this is the most confident I have ever looked in a swimming costume too after losing almost 3 stone yet I am having to cover up. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter. Means I don’t have to try and wash and straighten my hair!

That night we go out for dinner and I enjoy a couple of cocktails, this may not be Disney but it’s a perfect family holiday .


Dear Mickey Mouse…

This summer is definitely not the summer we had planned. Today we should have been flying out to Disneyworld, Florida for a once in a lifetime holiday.

10 of us were going and no one was more exciting about seeing Eeyore and Mickey than me. I had even organised the dinner locations in the hope to have my photo taking with the sad donkey! He is my all time favourite.  When I was in my early 20s I had a slight obsession, everything Eeyore. Nowadays I only have a few bits but like Eeyore some days I think I have “lost my tail” and lost a bit of myself.


I feel guilty that we have had to cancel our hols but the risk of me flying long-haul with increased risk of DVT and lympodema, which is a condition you really don’t want to google were the deciding factors.

Everyone understood and in a way I think hubby was relieved. I’d rather go at full fitness and where I can go on all the rides.

The truth is I am still sore, I do forget sometimes, people forget too, they go to hug me and I can’t help but yelp “ouch”.   However we have decided that we will still do something, we need a break, “time out” from this situation before the weeks and months of active treatment start.

So we have booked Center Parcs. I have never been but I have heard great stories. We decide to go to the local one so that I am only a short car ride away in case I need to go to the hospital.  I am sure everything will be fine, I am healing so well but it’s peace of mind, my comfort blanket 🙂