Mrs Frosty

After my radiotherapy graduation, I make my way over to the Chemo assessment ward with mum.  It’s great to have her here, I know it will mean a lot to her to be involved and will help her to understand what lies ahead over the next few weeks.

It’s the usual form filling, going through side effects but there are a few new things I have learnt today.  Apparently I should wash all my clothes separate to the boys in case the chemo leaks out of my clothes and could be toxic to them – OMG seriously?  I will obviously comply but that is kinda freaky??? And on a purely selfish note don’t I have enough bloody washing to do already?

I won’t freak you out with side effects, at the end of the day we are all individuals and we all react differently.  I have spent too many hours over the last weeks freaking out about the side effects that I have seen posted on the fb network… so much so I have had turned off all notifications from the group.  I need to remember that I am controlling this and I need to  remain positive.

Next comes to blood taking…and don’t we have fun!

I do warn them I don’t do “cold” hence why I have rejected the offer of the cold cap firmly on every occasion I have been asked.

OMG – this room I have been brought into is just like a freezer -I can instantly feel my veins run back inside.  I don’t bloody blame them!

I can’t help but shiver, I may have actually turned into Mrs Frosty.  “Why is it so cold in here?” I ask curiously?

Wait for the response…

“The freezer for the cold capping is kept in here” – there they go again, haunting me.  Am I the only person with a phobia for head freeze cap?

Confidence is growing – NOT and you know what happens next, yep my veins have not just gone back inside but they have left the building!

The nurse keeps trying, she is very apologetic and ends up asking for help, even the 2nd helper is struggling.  They then move down my arm to my wrist, it’s not much better, one drip at a time and I am NOT joking.

We are all hoping and praying they have enough for the tests!  I will definitely be checking up on these later! Fingers crossed those oil capsules have worked!

Next time I am bringing a snowsuit!



“Rads” Graduation

I can’t believe today is my Rads (Radiotherapy) Graduation!

It has actually gone really quickly and in a way it’s sad to say goodbye to people.  One person I will miss is my taxi driver who has taken me to the treatment, waited with me and brought me back most days. Spending almost 3 hours together a day, for 4 weeks.  We have got to know each other really well. His wife is due to have their first baby any time so every  call we have waited with anticipation – but no news yet!

But today I have 2 special people taking me. My mum and dad.  It’s also extra special as it’s Macmillan coffee morning.  It’s actually my first one, and it is one I will never forget.  It’s a bit like my Loughborough Graduation – well maybe a little!!!!

Unfortunately the last couple of days, I felt exhausted and with the sore throats coming on, I wasn’t able to bake and had to bail out and get shop bought things.  But it’s the thought that counts!

I can’t help but feel like I am skipping into the Radiotherapy room. The Rads girls are even extra jolly. I have already day told them that I plan celebrating by going “off-roading” on an experience day with hubby and my dad on Sunday!  They must think I am mental doing this the day before Chemo!

Each breath hold I do today, I count down and as the last one finishes and they take the final camera shot I can’t help but have a grin like a Cheshire Cat.  I am sure it will give them something to laugh about later!

And one of my favourite all time songs is playing…….Take That’s “Back for good”!

I can’t help but think……..Soon I will be BACK for good, just me, no boob or pontential body invaders.

Another Rosie doodle attached….





Rosie Poppins

Still got sore throat, still feeling pants, these capsules better work soon, time to get the infuser oils on!!

Postman Pat has just delivered a package, usually they are amazon packages for hubby but not today, this is just for me!  The label is written with the most beautiful handwriting in the world, only one lady writes like this and that is our Rosie!

I open the parcel like it’s Christmas morning, it’s wrapped together with fabric pink bunting ribbon!

Inside is a homemade “Gemsy pamper chemo kit” wrapped in pink tissue paper. Posh hot chocs, marshmallows and Betty’s Yorkshire Shortbread biscuits. But the creme de la creme is the chocolate gin! This girl just knows me too well!

But what gets me with a teary moment is she has put in a blank hot pink envelope.  It is to put the lock of hair in that I kept from my pixie cut…….. I pause… “it will grow back” I whisper to myself.

She is my very own “Rosie- Mary Poppins!, there may be more than a spoonful of sugar in the goodies but it will certainly help me get this chemo “medicine” to go down!

Thank you so much Rosie Poppins! – attached is her self-portait!

Rosie Poppins