Blonde or Brunette

We are back home and enjoying our lovely new bathroom.  I have always had dreams of a roll top bath.  Hubby surprised me last night running a lovely hot bubble bath.  I was just about to get in it when I remembered that due to my wound I am not allowed a bath 😦

Lenny some days I just wanna get you out of that jar that I am assuming you are in at the hospital and stab you with my knife and fork!

Why do you have to spoil my bath party??

Anyways, I have decided when I get the “green light” for a hot bath, I am having the biggest bath party just for me. Bubbles, and yes I mean booze bubbles and bath bubbles, candles, music, the works!!!

So today I am going to visit another wig specialist that was recommend by a wonderful lady who went through this journey herself a few years back. I have not known her very long but she has been a huge inspiration to me and I know we are going to become friends who will support each other for years to come.

This time though I am taking my mum. I know it’s going to be hard for mum as she has been my protector since I was a little bean in her tummy and I know on the outside she will show so much strength to me today.

She’s been so much herself lately, losing her younger sister earlier this year can’t have been easy and she lost her own mum when she was only 24.

Mum is a retired nurse and also has been a Marie Curie nurse so is used to dealing with these situations, although I am sure nothing prepares you for when it is your own flesh and blood.

But my mum knows I don’t hide stuff from her and that having her with me today means so much.  She hasn’t been in the greatest health herself for a while with knee problems so Dad has brought her.

First we go for lunch at a local tea rooms. It’s so nice spending quality time with them even if circumstances are not quite what we would have liked!

The wig shopping though is just for mum and I. No dads allowed!


The wig lady is wonderful, so warming and understanding. This job must be so tough at times.   We have such a giggle, I try short ones, long ones, brown ones, grey ones, blonde ones.  I was definitely never destined to be a blonde and finally we get it down to two brunette ones.  We decide to get hem ordered in and then will return in a couple of weeks for the final decision.

All in all it’s actually been a lovely day and I managed a sneaky shop and bought a hot pink woolly hat!


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