Let’s get blasted!!

It’s a bit surreal driving myself to the hospital, all the other times I have been with hubby.  It was my choice to come on my own and I actually feel fine.

When I arrive it’s a bit like our leadership meetings. Lots of men older than me!  They are all a lot older than me, all old enough to be my dad.

I wonder what they think of me turning up? …..I wonder what they have wrong with them.  Some of them are called through but then say they are not ready to go in… I am puzzled as I just want it over and done with so I can go home.

The staff are so welcoming here, I am called in by the same ladies who did my planning session.   I am slightly anxious about the breath hold but I know I have no option but to perform.

It’s funny as they have music playing, it’s abba! Dancing queen – it’s amazing how it lifts my mood and I can’t help singing alone.

In 20 mins I am out of the door!

1 down, 19 to go!

Hope you enjoyed your blasting Lenny!



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