Happy 5th Anniversary

It’s our 5th wedding anniversary today, usually we go away to a luxury spa. It’s our time to be a couple, recharge our batteries and do very little.  Unfortunately Lenny has got in the way again as I am not allowed to use many of the facilities or have treatments but we are not going to let Lenny spoil our special day.   We decide to book something local and have a child free night.

When we arrive hubby tells me that he has asked if they can make it special for me as I am going through cancer treatment.  I feel very taken back, hubby is a really private person and it would have taken a lot for him to tell them my situation and ask if they could make it special.  I still worry everyday how he is doing, we do often ask each other and some days he does tell me that he is worried.

So far we have received 4 glasses of free champagne. Not bad going!

C: Milk it though!!! it’s a scary word… drop it here and there and it’s better than any Groupon voucher!!!

We have such a great evening, great food, great company.

Nothing is going to stop us having our special times, not even you Lenny you partially blasted lump!



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