I am currently sat in the hairdressers. I decided at the weekend that I was going to take control of my hair situation and not Lenny.  I have spent so much time googling pixie cuts that I have probably taken google down at times!

I am anxious and excited at the same time.  My hair has always been a big part of me and it’s not been short since I demanded “short hair” when I was 6, then I was teased at ballet for being a boy 😦

I then spent the next 25 years having long hair, which turned permanently curly after a 90s perm!  I was known for my locks but then after I got divorced after just turning 30, I decided to chop it into a bob.

So as you can see having it pixie short is a big thing. Will it suit me? Will hubby still like it? Will he still love me? Slightly ridiculous over thinking but all true thoughts!

However I trust my hairdresser and in a few weeks times it’s all going anyway!

Omg I did it!


I send a photo to hubby and Rosie!  Rosie is actually on her way from London on a train but I am too impatient for her to wait to see it!

I must admit I like it but it just doesn’t look like me! I look like Gem’s sister not Gem.

I know it will take a while.

Rosie loves it!

We go to pick up little man.  I had explained that Mummy was going to get her hair cut short like his today.  I have learnt with him as long as you tell him what is going to happen he is fine, I just hope he doesn’t cry, not sure I could cope with that right now.

I am so relieved. There were no tears, in fact he was pretty ignorant of it, typically bloke!  Well at least he didn’t cry.

We get home and little man has fun playing with Auntie Rosie. He loves seeing her so much and always cries when she has to leave.  Although tonight he is being very cheeky!

“Auntie Rosie you are on the very very naughtiest list of Santa’s and you are not getting xmas or birthday pressies”

That night Rosie and I head out to the gastro pub.  We tell little man that we are going to a meeting!  Apparently Mummy goes to a lot of meetings!

We start with bubbles!  Followed by a gorgeous meal and pudding to share that we really didn’t need!

Love girly times!

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