Girls day out

This morning Auntie Rosie train is awoken by the little man jumping on her.  “Auntie Rosie you are a superstar!” I can tell he has melted her heart.

Some days he really knows what buttons to press and I can feel my patience being less and less especially lately with the tiredness and I know he picks up on my vulnerable side. But then a few hours later, he comes over kisses my head and says “Mummy, you are my best friend in whole world”……. and suddenly you melt!

Rosie is waiting for me when I get home from radiotherapy.

I can’t help but start dancing

“Let’s do the 50% through radiotherapy dance!”

I hope no one is watching –  2 grown women dancing in the middle of the day!

At lunch we head over to the wig place to make a final decision but first lunch spotted by an ikkle bit of shopping!

First we hit the fairy crafter shop…..Omg I want to buy everything, Rosie wants to go home and make everything !

I spend a small fortune and buy a few things for Christmas. Omg Christmas shopping in Sept but I have a good excuse! Yep, blaming Lenny. I need to be very organised with probably 18 weeks of chemo ahead of me.  Rosie also buys a sneaky pair of boots!  She is naughty too, little man was right!

We go to the wig place , thank goodness Rosie is with me as want to buy them all!  It’s amazing how real they feel but how different ones completely change your look!.  I decide for a normal bob one and a fun long one. I am sure I am going to get some funny looks when I interchange but who cares, I am past caring!




One thought on “Girls day out

  1. I’m so glad that I was there with you to share such a significant step in this journey… who would have thought we’d need a day out wig shopping, although it slotted in nicely with all our other purchases 😉 And no, I’m not just saying that in an attempt to get off santa’s vey very naughty-naughtiest of naughty lists! xx

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