Look good, feel better!

A few weeks ago I booked myself onto a freebie called “look good, feel better”. It was a recommended course where they teach you a skin and makeup routine to help you feel better on those shi$$y days

Every day for radiotherapy, I have made an effort to look good and it does make you feel that little bit better!  I am so conscious of the big c stripping my confidence and I will do anything to stop that.

I arrive early and meet some of the other girls on the course.  We share stories and journeys and already I feel like we are helping one another.  We are all at different stages of our journey, some have obviously lost their hair but we are all in this together.

Most of the things we learn I know, but for me it’s the reassurance that I do know how to take care of myself and I have a whole stock of new makeup!

A girl can never have enough makeup!


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