This afternoon I have a visitor over for a cuppa. Until a few weeks ago I had no idea that she had gone through the big C herself. She is the mum of one of my little man’s close friends.

She shares her story, the big C twice, different place to me but years later she is here to tell the story.  These survivor stories give me more strength than I could ever have believed.

She gives me some great advice and offers her support any time night or day. It means so much, she lives local and actually I know I could call her.  My biggest worry coming up is how I will respond to chemo in terms of side effects.

Some people end up hospitalised and my concern is always the little man and making sure he is looked after.  I can cope with the side effects, I am fit and healthy but you never know how you will respond.

Knowing I could call her and get her to look after little man at short notice means so much.

cuppaI feel so much more positive after her visit 🙂

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