We are family!

1.Pink top – check

2. Pink bubbles – check

3. Wigs – check


Vital check list for a girly night with my family!  We decided to have another get together before chemo starts. We had so much fun last time and giggles and girls are what I need right now to take my mind off things.

On the way, I call at my Auntie’s house for a cuppa. She’s the breast cancer survivor.  I haven’t been to their house since I was a teenager, usually I see her at family gatherings.

Her house brings back so many memories. We used to go and play there a lot as kids.  My Uncle used to scare the living daylights out of us by hiding “fake” poo near us and then make us think he’d done it!!!  We were all traumatised for years!!

It’s just what I needed to see my Auntie, I think about her so much and her own journey the past 15 years. We talk about her chemo story…. I always remember the others girls telling me how my Auntie was a bit off colour a few days then made up for it as the star of the party and after a couple of drinks was known to be throwing her wig around!

She’s an inspiration, 15 years ago it must have felt even more of a lonely place. Google was fairly new, there was no social media. You were just told stuff and you didn’t know any better.  Info was so limited. Such a contrast to today’s knowledge age.

I am not sure what is best somethings?

I don’t want to leave my Auntie, but I have a party to get ready for and she gives me a great big hug, just like when I was a little girl 🙂

Party Time!

It’s only take a couple of glasses before we are talking boobs and wigs!  We decide to have a wig dress rehearsal and my cousin volunteers to be the model!  It’s just like old times playing hairdressers really!!!

K and me are the same age, we had the same pushchairs as babies and were bought the same toys are little girls. Our favourite toy was our “Bluebell a la carte kitchen.” The sell out the 80s.  Although we were disgusted that it didn’t come with the Swiss roll and beans as per the tv advert (see YouTube)

We felt cheated, so CHEATED!!!

It takes a while to get the wig into position on my cousins head. It’s like doing someone else’s makeup. It’s so much easier to do it on yourself!

Then my Uncle returns from the pub.

“Do you want me to give you a Grade 1 head shave, Gem?”

He’s carrying a pair of garden shears!!!!

I am laughing so hard that I start crying, they are good tears. We are all in stitches, my belly hurts!

Oh I love my family! – what a fun night – Perfect, just perfect!!!

Thank you for making it so special and my good luck coin will be coming with me to Chemo!


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