Virtual Boob Buddies

A few weeks ago I saw a post on the younger breast cancer support network from a lady fairly local to me – I was so excited and so decided to contact J.

It turns out we had loads in common in terms of our diagnosis and treatment plan except I have done the radiotherapy and chemo the other way around.

We have kept in contact most days, just looking out for one another and she has become my virtual hello and hug.  We are so on the same wavelength and both share such a positive attitude!

Today we are meeting each other for a coffee after my radiotherapy session.


J and I  have decided exchange notes and tips, J is well over half way through her chemo and I have so many questions to ask – where is that bloody pink book when I need it?  I also try and reassure her that radiotherapy is a breeze and share my funny stories of breath hold which she will also do.

We literally do not stop chatting for the whole time, there are no awkward silences and before we know it it’s time to say good bye.

We give each other a big hug, a real one this time, not the virtual crap and plan to meet again very soon 🙂

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