Three Wise Men….

Why the hell have I woke up this morning with a sore throat and feeling like shit!???

I seriously do not have time to be ill, the chemo clock is ticking and I start in t-5 days, I’ve got my bloody test in 2 days. I don’t have time for failing tests now!

Well tonight I am going to meet the Oil lady at my friend’s house.

“Wtf is an Oil lady?” You might ask.

Well, I must admit I thought I was popping along to buy some Frankinsense and lavender so hubby could give me an aromatherapy massage and I could knock myself out for kippies

However so far I have:

  1. Sniffed a few essential oils – that’s ok.
  2. Rubbed Frankincense in my gums!
  3. Made my own Oil capsule “cocktail” and downed it!

It’s amazing the extremes you will go to in order to get yourself fit for chemo…..

Whilst I downed the capsule I did say “can this kill me”? – I am told not, but it’s too late now anyway, I hope my life insurance covers this!

I do feel a tad irresponsible, whilst my son is watching paw patrol with his close friend and eating pizza in the next room, I have gone from mummy to druggie in 15 minutes!

Best keep this quiet for now 😉

I return home with a bag of goodies to get me all set for friday’s test! It best do the bloody trick now!

Doodle by Rosie – it did make me laugh after a long day!


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