Rosie Poppins

Still got sore throat, still feeling pants, these capsules better work soon, time to get the infuser oils on!!

Postman Pat has just delivered a package, usually they are amazon packages for hubby but not today, this is just for me!  The label is written with the most beautiful handwriting in the world, only one lady writes like this and that is our Rosie!

I open the parcel like it’s Christmas morning, it’s wrapped together with fabric pink bunting ribbon!

Inside is a homemade “Gemsy pamper chemo kit” wrapped in pink tissue paper. Posh hot chocs, marshmallows and Betty’s Yorkshire Shortbread biscuits. But the creme de la creme is the chocolate gin! This girl just knows me too well!

But what gets me with a teary moment is she has put in a blank hot pink envelope.  It is to put the lock of hair in that I kept from my pixie cut…….. I pause… “it will grow back” I whisper to myself.

She is my very own “Rosie- Mary Poppins!, there may be more than a spoonful of sugar in the goodies but it will certainly help me get this chemo “medicine” to go down!

Thank you so much Rosie Poppins! – attached is her self-portait!

Rosie Poppins

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