“Rads” Graduation

I can’t believe today is my Rads (Radiotherapy) Graduation!

It has actually gone really quickly and in a way it’s sad to say goodbye to people.  One person I will miss is my taxi driver who has taken me to the treatment, waited with me and brought me back most days. Spending almost 3 hours together a day, for 4 weeks.  We have got to know each other really well. His wife is due to have their first baby any time so every  call we have waited with anticipation – but no news yet!

But today I have 2 special people taking me. My mum and dad.  It’s also extra special as it’s Macmillan coffee morning.  It’s actually my first one, and it is one I will never forget.  It’s a bit like my Loughborough Graduation – well maybe a little!!!!

Unfortunately the last couple of days, I felt exhausted and with the sore throats coming on, I wasn’t able to bake and had to bail out and get shop bought things.  But it’s the thought that counts!

I can’t help but feel like I am skipping into the Radiotherapy room. The Rads girls are even extra jolly. I have already day told them that I plan celebrating by going “off-roading” on an experience day with hubby and my dad on Sunday!  They must think I am mental doing this the day before Chemo!

Each breath hold I do today, I count down and as the last one finishes and they take the final camera shot I can’t help but have a grin like a Cheshire Cat.  I am sure it will give them something to laugh about later!

And one of my favourite all time songs is playing…….Take That’s “Back for good”!

I can’t help but think……..Soon I will be BACK for good, just me, no boob or pontential body invaders.

Another Rosie doodle attached….





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