Off Roading

I must admit I am feeling a little apprehensive about the off road day.

“Is it safe?”…… I must have said that about a dozen times to my husband since we booked it.

Today we will drive 2 cars including a car my husband has always wanted to drive Land Rover defender – he would buy one given the chance but he knows the answer from the Finance Approver 😉

We are welcomed with coffee and  I am given documents to sign….I play the risk assessor and tell the boys “We are only covered for death or injury if the company is negligent so you need to LISTEN to what he tells you!”

We then go through a safety briefing and are then asked about medical conditions that could affect us today…..

I think for a few seconds then decide that breast cancer is not going to affect or impair me today! It’s not going to impair me, actually it will make it more enjoyable and actually today I don’t need to play the C card or a group on voucher.

Next we go outside and pick up the cars, the Instructor shows us the ropes and then hubby goes first!

Dad and me are “clinging” on. I can tell he is a little nervous although he would never admit it!  He is a Yorkshire man as we know!!

But as we do more and more man-oeuvres, I become more relaxed.  Dad goes next and then me.

Omg, it feels a bit surreal. These cars are amazing, the electronics just take control of everything, before I know it I am going up the side slopes which  I flatly refused to go up 10 minutes ago and I am charging about way faster than the boys!!

The instructor explains this afternoon the Defender will be completely different. “No electronics, no automatic gearbox, all down to you”


When we get in the Defender,  it’s like taking a step back in time. I feel like I have been transported back 30 years. There are 3 gear sticks and I can’t even reach the handbrake! No jokes about little legs please!!!

Bumpy is an understatement , Dad certainly thought he was Skippy the Kangaroo at times!  So much so, I have to open the window for air – feeling a tad nauseous!!

My favourite moment was dad trying to change gear with the the water bottle instead of the gear stick!!!!! He wondered why nothing was happening !!!!  The Instructor certainly won’t forget “Skippy” and his mates

By the end of it I had turned into a adrenaline junkie! I am quite happy driving through rivers and going about too fast for the men in the back!

That was fun, another memory building day, what I way to finish Rads and start Chemo!!!

Bring it on!!


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