Chemo #1

The day has arrived, in true tradition I am the first at the Chemo centre, it is still locked up but “the early bird catches the worm” and I have a blog to get updated! …..get your priorities straight!

That means I need one of the private rooms so I can somehow “sneak” out my blog supplies. Yes, in my chemo bag I have:

  • A laptop
  • Colouring pens
  • And wait for this….
  • A scanner – sssshhhhh!!!

Amazing what you can fit in a laptop bag, think I am giving Mary Poppins some competition today!  I have been working so hard to keep writing the blog of my journey but when they say the hospital appointments take over your life, they really do.

However, today I have set myself a goal of launching this on LinkedIn. The blog isn’t completely up to date but it needs to get out there before the chemo brain kicks in otherwise Breast Cancer awareness month will be over and I will be having to grow a “tash” for Movember!

The blog is really helping to take my mind off today too. I am told we could be here a while and I don’t do day time TV, the last time I watched Lorraine was when Lenny was evicted – 10 weeks ago today!

The doors open and I literally run into the ward, I need to check out the “best room” …….so immature at times, can you imagine what I used to be like at the Next Sale! – thank goodness for online shopping, shame you can’t “pre-book” your Chemo room – might have to “suggest” that 😉

Right let’s get set up!

It’s not that long before the nurse comes around and explains the procedure……We talk about my “ice queen” veins and she gets the heat pads on straight away, there is no way I am having a refusal from these veins today!

She asks for my red Chemo record file.

“Sorry I left it at home” I say sheepishly…… I sound like the kid who hasn’t brought in their home work!   Usually so organised, but blaming Chemo brain – surely I can do that now right???

We also talk about my “severe reaction” worries. I would rather just put all my cards on the table, definitely learning that being open with the staff, really helps for them to understand you and I know it will help hubby.  She explains what is likely to happen IF I react severely but also reassures us that the chances are small.


I can here a familiar voice, it’s the “Prof” doing his rounds.  He walks in, boy am I pleased to see him 🙂

“Cold Capping”?

I seriously hope he is winding me up….

“NOPE” I say…… “My WIGS are great thank you”

In true Gem style, I have 3 prepared questions for him.  One is about a tender lump I found on my tummy at the weekend.  I have since found out I have lots of lumps there but this one hurts.  I know it is probably nothing and I have probably brought on the soreness from my OCD prodding it every 5 seconds with my finger!

All is good, just fatty lumps from being a mum!! I can relax and settle. Super Hero Prof has saved the day!

Right all settled – back to the blog!  I feel more anxious about hitting “post” to the big world than I do about the bloody drugs!

Posted – OMG no going back!


Just before lunch, I am all plumbed in. Hubby leaves for his physio which is literally just in the next Building.  It’s good timing as it allows me to have the saline to flush my veins, followed by steroids to reduce side effects and my first drug, Cyclophosphamide which represents the “C” in my “TC” Chemo.  I thought we had enough acronyms at work, but now I have had to learn a whole new dictionary!!!

Apparently the nurse has to watch this one go in, she inserts it slowly with a big syringe, slightly freaky but she distracts me by getting me to eat my jacket spud that has arrived.

My head goes a little bit funny but so far so good – all good signs. 🙂

One down, One to go!

Now I need a pee! – how is this going to work? Attached to an IV stand! I waddle to the loo. I am bad enough steering a trolley never mind this!

Thank goodness that is over!

An hour later, I am all done – ready to go.  Got my drugs to take home, been trained how to stab myself tomorrow. All good!

Wow Chemo 1 done – in the bag!

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