Sorry Bezza

Today is my little boy’s first harvest festival. He is so excited about walking to the church with his donation and I know it is only a matter of time before he asks “Mummy, will you be there like the other Mummys and Daddys?”

I would love so much to hear his little voice singing in church, but due to the risk of germs and infection I have to avoid settings with children…

It’s days like this you can’t help feeling angry with Lenny. It’s like he is always trying to get in the way with his “Stop, you can’t come in!!!” flag!

It has also meant I can’t be part of the Macmillan afternoon which they are hosting at the school. Honestly, I feel like I am bloody Cinder-fricking-rella without a ball ticket!

The children had been asked to bring in cakes for the sale.  I love baking and normally would be first in line with the homemade stuff but unfortunately with the chemo just happening, it was a bridge too far.

Bezza, if you are reading my blog, please accept my apologies, I am playing the “C – card” today, but it’s the thought that counts and the local garage is happy to accept 2nd place in the technical challenge!

However, I am not going to let Lenny get one over on me. I have decided to NOT accept defeat and to slap a bit of makeup on and wear my new Breast Cancer Care hoodie with pride at the school drop off complete with garage bought cake!


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