Peppermint Tea

I am pretty sure it’s my digestive system going on strike, it’s one of the side effects of Tax.

It’s 5am on Sunday morning and my back is throbbing.

Beanie bag to the rescue and a cup of peppermint tea. I tell you one of these days I am going to turn green from all this peppermint tea!


At least I will have minty fresh breath when the little one comes in, although he will probably still come and shout the house down with

“Mummy, you smell”!!………….Always a great morning motivator for me!

I am just thankful I got to 4:30 in terms of sleep as I didn’t take my morning steroid until 2pm. – bad patient!  One thing I am learning through this is you really have to listen to your body and forget what time it is.  If I am awake early, it’s no biggie and I can cat nap later, I have always loved a cat nap!

Yesterday I had a power nap whilst we had a “group cuddle” on the sofa.  Love my cuddles with my boys.  It’s true, you do cherish them even more these days and they are better than any oil 🙂

Sorry three wise men, but cuddles win hands down over any gold, frankincense or myrrh, although the smells that come out of my son sometimes are definitely not going to help my toxin levels!

An hour later and I seem to be over the pain, time to get on with the weekend!


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