Made of Strong Stuff

You can take the girl out of Yorkshire but you can’t take Yorkshire out of the girl!

I am stuffed full of roast dinner and Yorkshire pudding, nothing beats a proper Sunday roast!

It’s Sunday afternoon and we’ve just finished our family meal before my hubby takes my step daughter home.  I am feeling really thankful today that we’ve been able to do “normal” Davie things this weekend and that I haven’t spent my time hugging a toilet or laid in bed.

I know not every weekend will be like this but all I wish for throughout this is for your kids to experience “normality”. Especially for my step daughter, at almost 13, I can’t help but worry how she is coping with this. We do talk openly about my cancer, and she is familiar with cancer as her close friend has not long finished treatment and is doing really well, but you still worry…

Whilst Hubby does the 3 hour round trip to take back his daughter, I decide to crack on with the ironing. I say “ironing”, what I mean is my little boy’s school uniform. It’s the only thing I iron! There is no way he is going to school looking scruffy, not when his bloody mum’s a governor.

Unfortunately my ironing productivity is being severely interrupted by me having to “run” to the loo!…..Several times… I guess it’s one way of getting my step count up!

Is this the start of the tax “trots” I have been warned about???? I guess time will tell!

It’s really just pain causing me most discomfort at the moment, you know what, I feel like a bad mum but I am going to have to abort bath time and let the little man watch peppa pig in our bed!  Certainly not gonna be earning “mum of the year” tonight!

Every cloud has a silver lining though… I may be in agony but at least I’ve got my my little man to cuddle!

It’s amazing how, even though he is 4, he picks up on everything.

“Mummy, I”m going to get you your favourite toy to look after you” he says very concerned

He returns with Mickey Mouse.

“Mickey, you need to look after mummy and make her tummy better”

It’s times like this your kids just melt your heart.  ……… or maybe he is trying to bribe me for more peppa pig nights 😉

Thankfully my knight in shining armour returns and rescues me from the “putting to bed” duties. I am so lucky to have him, I know there are so many women like me suffering like this who have no help at home.

The stomach ache subsidies after an hour and I’m now left with what feels like I have been punched in the jaw and head.

I think Lenny might have won this round but this is one round and I’ve won so many before this.  He certainly will NOT be winning the fight.

Tomorrow is another day and Yorkshire birds are made of strong stuff!


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