Testing Brain…..1.2.3

The thing they say about chemo cycles are you have your good and bad days.

It’s chemo day 9 and I woke up this morning definitely feeling more “normal” than I have done since Chemo began.

I grab my phone from downstairs and do my usual ritual:

  1. Check emails
  2. Check Facebook
  3. Work email


Yes you did read that last one correctly, yes I know I am off sick. Don’t give me a lecture, I am a big girl you know!!

The fact is it’s quarter end at work and in the world of finance it’s a crazy time. I can see from the email time stamps that my right hand lady has been working into the early hours. I feel bad, the last things want is for her to be burning the candle at both ends!

I’m gonna drop her a text, I could really do with seeing if my brain still works today, even if it is just for an hour!

On a serious note, one thing I am concerned about is chemo brain. I am told from reliable sources it’s not a myth and it does happen. If I can keep my brain stimulated then maybe I could “trick” my brain and the chemo. Surely crunching numbers will keep those brain cells super strong!

Sound convincing? Ok… maybe not, but if the truth be known I also know that this journey that I am facing is inevitable going to knock my confidence.

It’s something, if I am honest, really worries me.  I am naturally an outgoing and confident person but as the rag and bone man sings “I’m only human after all”. Feeling a tad vulnerable right now is normal 😦

Lenny tried to take my boobs and he’s gonna take my hair but he is NOT going to take my confidence!

A couple of hours later and I’m in my little excel world! Oh excel I have missed you! Once a bean counter, always I bean counter!

You know that little bit of work I have done has really gave me the boost I needed, a bloody huge boost!  My brain is still working, I really feel like I have helped my team and made a difference today.

If you could see me know, I am literally dancing around the room, boy have I got a spring in my step!

Today is definitely a “good” day!

Gem has returned!




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