Kicking Cancer’s Butt

Dear Cancer,

How does it feel to be having your butt kicked right now?

Yep, you may have stopped me going to my son’s harvest festival last week but I am sorry to tell you I managed to do the school run more than once this week!

Nothing can match that beautiful smile of my little boy’s when he saw me standing waiting for him!

I’ve also managed to do a bit of work each day, bet you weren’t expecting that were you?!

Oh yeah and I took the “oldies” out to our local tearooms – almost shocked myself when I ordered a “ginger tea” – get me drinking herbal teas! I must confess to sharing a white chocolate and raspberry loaf but I am sure the raspberries count as one of my 5 a day 😉

It’s been months since Mum and I went shopping, but yesterday we left Dad at my house whilst we did a bit of retail therapy – oh yeah it felt good! I even convinced my Dad to hang out the washing – drum roll please…… the first time Dad has EVER hung out the washing. My friend was right when she said the C Card is better than a group on voucher!

I even managed to cook a homemade Thai Curry and curl up with Hubby watching Cold Feet last night!

And last but by no means least…..for the last few days you haven’t been the first thing I woke up thinking about or the last thing at night! I know darker thoughts are bound to return and you will send me into a wobble but tonight your butt is well and truly kicked!

You have certainly picked the wrong person to mess with!




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