Should it stay or should it go?

So after meeting the Prof yesterday, I met with my “boob buddy” J for lunch.  It was only our 2nd time meeting but I feel like I have known her for months.

I met her with a great big hug and smile – “I only need 4 cycles” I screamed!  God knows what everyone outside John Lewis thought of us! – crazy mad lady – well who cares?!

Why do we care so much about what other people think??

I did come out the house today with a Beanie in my bag, after Sunday’s notepad episode I didn’t want to get caught short with a bald patch so decided it was best to “be prepared” – can you tell I was a Brownie? 😉

I’ve said this before, but having someone to talk to who gets what you are going through means so much.

One thing I was keen to ask J was what do I use to wash my bald head? It might sound like a stupid question but I don’t think shampo for coloured hair is going to do my head any good? 😉

Apparently coconut oil is good – I have some of that in the kitchen cupboard 😉

J has also got my mind thinking about “brave the shave,”  she raised a lot of money doing this.  Maybe it is something I could do? I am so passionate about raising awareness and it is breast cancer awareness month after all.  I do love my thick hair but I need to take control of this! I don’t want Lenny thinking he can get another one over me!

I would need to talk to hubby first, not that I am the type of person who needs “approval” to make decisions but I am trying to involve hubby in decisions like this one, as hair has always made me who I am.

That evening I speak with hubby and he seems fine with it.  All I need to do now is decide when…….

So today I woke up and did hair check…

  1. Check pillow – no hair there 🙂
  2. Feel through hair – oh dear, I am moulting and it’s more than Sunday night.

I need to make a decision and I need to make it fast! Should it stay today or should it go!

stay or go

I get a shower and have a think – I find showers are good thinking places!  I don’t need to think as whilst  I am washing my hair, I can feel the loose hairs sticking to my hands.

I have to do this asap.

But first I need to set up a “Just giving page” and I need to do it right now.  It’s 7am and I really should be getting up the little man (he’s actually usually awake at 6am), maybe it’s a “sign” I need to do this today…….

OMG it’s all ready to go, after this there is no going back!


Best get my hairdressers called now! – they best have a bloody appointment!  – damn it’s only 7:20am – must remember to call them at 9!



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