Brave the Shave

Omg it’s brave the shave day!

I’ve raised over £1,200 in the last 24 hours. It’s bloody amazing. In fact, it’s overwhelming.  I cannot get over how generous people have been, I really do feel so loved and it is going to make today so much easier to cope with.

Today I have promised the little man I will take him to school. His face lit up when he realised he could have breakfast at home!

It gives me a chance to explain to him that Mummy is going to get all her hair cut off today so that she can wear her wig. He doesn’t seem phased by it. He’s 4 and more interested as to whether he can watch the iPad if he gets dressed nicely!

He’s having breakfast when a message pops up from hubby. He’s not a man of many words, so when he does message it is usually something important…..

He’s saying he wishes he was there to hold my hand….

Suddenly I find my eyes are full of tears.

I hadn’t even thought about him coming with me today. Shit I hope he’s gonna be ok….

The fact is that my two lovely hairdressers are so much more than hairdressers to me.  I know they will take care of me and I don’t just mean cutting my hair.

I’ve decided that i am going “pink” to my brave the shave, oh yes and I mean pink everything. Bra, knickers, socks, top, hoodie, beanie! I need to look the part!

“Now do I take my wig to put on afterwards?” I think to myself. Sod it I, if I am braving the shave then today I am braving the look. Sod the people staring at me, today is about standing proud for each and every person who has lost their hair along this journey.

At 9am I walk in the hairdressers. I get a sense that something is wrong, normally my hairdressers is beaming with smiles across her beautiful face but there are no smiles today.

Then I realise she’s holding back tears and then it clicks why. She’s been through this journey with me right from the start, actually both the lovely hairdressers have. Over the weeks, they have cut my hair from shoulder length to bob to pixie and now to this.  They are two of the most wonderful people you will meet. In fact F is making me a wig. She is such a talented lady and absolutely full of personality.

“It’s ok I say” as I give her the biggest hug in the world.

“But it’s time for the hair to go, it’s falling out by the day and I am sick of being a dog moulting anyway!”

She puts on a brave smile.

“Can we just cut it shorter” she says

“Not today, I’ve got over 1000 in sponsorship money and I’m not letting people down” I reply

“Ok”, she says reluctantly “but I am going to cut it with scissors first”

“Alright, but you will need to get the clippers out soon”

There is a lady next to me and whilst F is sorting herself out we have a little chat, she is almost done so she won’t get to see my final look.

F returns. I can tell she has been crying again.  I feel so bad but I need to stay strong.

She makes a start.

Even sat here, I can see the donations keep flooding in. I’d initially set my target as £500 but at this rate I am going to triple it.I tell you, all you people out there are giving me so much bloody strength right now, more than you could very imagine.

Whilst F is “clippering” away,  an older man walks in the door.

“My wife was in having her hair done” he says.

Then he walks over to me and hands me a ten pound note!

“This is for your donation pot” he says….”I’ve been there myself.”

“Thank you so much I say”, my words couldn’t be anymore genuine. People continue to amaze me with their generosity and I can tell he himself is trying hard to hold it together.  It must bring back memories for him.  Bloody hell I’ve got goosebumps!

“Omg I love it” I say

I never ever thought I would say I loved having a shaved head!

“I’m just gonna finish putting on my face” I say.  In true brownie style I had been prepared and brought my makeup.!

I look in the mirror.  I feel so good and I feel so proud!

I take the obligatory selfie and then we take team photos!

Then my other hairdresser hands me some money. I know the girls don’t have much money and I know this will probably mean they have to forfeit going out this weekend.

“You really don’t need to do this” I say

“We really want to”

Now I am filling up!

This is going to be a day I will never forget.

Right, it’s time to get ready for lunch, my parents and my Aunty will be here soon.

As they come through the door I am still upstairs

“I’m just coming, but I’ve not got my wig on” I shout……

My mum’s face lights up.  She doesn’t need to say anything. I can tell she loves it and I can tell she is the proudest mum in the world 🙂

We go out for lunch and then we go pick up the little man.

I am so relieved when he is un-phased by the new look.

Later that night we are sat in the lounge when I comes over to me

“Mummy, I love your new hair so much, it is so soft”

They certainly now how to melt you and with that I grab him for a super big cuddle.



2 thoughts on “Brave the Shave

  1. Dear Gemma,
    I do not know if you remember me.
    This is Nancy from CA Paris office.
    I am now assistant to Allan Clayton.
    We met you during the CFO team meetings organized by Abdou to Morges with his Direct Reports (Alex, Richard, Holger, Dominique, Sandra, Fiona, Isabelle…).
    Abdou is now in the CA office to Madison in NY.
    It’s a initiative courageous to communicate through this site.
    You are a very gentle, smiling woman, and I am sure that you are also a wonderful mother.
    Stay as you are, change nothing even with this disease.
    The pink suits you well, and it is also a joyous color .
    My eyes are full of tears in reading your story.
    I wish you all the best, and all my thoughts go to you, your child and your family.
    Kind regards,
    Nancy Robert

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  2. Oh my days here i sit on a footstool in the garden room reading this on my phone. Snots and tears two wet patches cover my top as I wait for our visitors. We are going to the Christmas market in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk UK. I look like hell and i dont care. No cards will be sent this year Instead I will donate to the cancer recovery group. I raise my imaginary glass and toast your health and bravery.

    Liked by 1 person

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