The Great Pink Bake

Today Rosie “Poppins” is coming to see me and I am so excited!

We have decided we are going to do some Christmas baking! Yes I know it’s barely October but I need to get organised, ULTRA organised this year.

Although I have had a good first cycle, my immune system is going to take a battering and the last thing I want, is to end up being ill and nothing sorted for Christmas.

I usually make all homemade gifts so as I am having a good week, I am gonna make a start.   But this is not going to be any normal baking session, on no this is gonna be the great pink bake!

Yes, I’m wearing pink again and yesterday I decided that Rosie and I need a pink wig!  I’ve found a fancy dress shop in town so I am going to pop there this morning before she arrives.

Unfortunately we have a John Lewis delivery due, well I am sorry John Lewis but I have more important things to do than wait in for you so I decide to leave them a note with my number. I’ll just have blame the chemo brain!

I get to the fancy dress shop and they only have 1 pink wig 😦 there is no way only one of us is having one. We are a team!  I explain my very important situation to the lady and we manage to find 2 pink glitter cowboy hats…sorted!

Thankfully John Lewis don’t deliver whilst I am out otherwise I would have been in the dog house with the hubby!  They actually come just before Rosie arrives which means we can go to my favourite tearooms for lunch before the great bake starts!

We walk in wearing our matching breast cancer care pink hoodies. Pink and proud! I really don’t give a Shit if people stare!

Lunch is delicious, the company is even better. We could have stayed there all afternoon but baking takes priority today!

We put on our pink hats… “ready set… bake”


Wow, they look bloody good if I do say for myself, I just hope they keep until Christmas, they should do the amount of booze I put in! They should also taste good seeing as though I used the rest of Hubby’s posh brandy……oops!

After the bake off I “de-pink” as tonight it’s little man’s parent’s evening.   He’s very excited as it means “Aunty Rosie Train” gets to pick him up from after school club.


He gets a “glowing report”, thank goodness for that as he is a little sod at home!   Part of me worries how all of this is effecting him but his teachers say he is doing amazing.

Apparently on Wednesday he was telling them about my haircut…..

“My mummy is going to have her hair cut very short today”

Then one of the children said ….

“Mummy’s don’t have short hair”

To which he replied…..

“Well my mummy is going to have short hair AND she is going to look beautiful!”

That is my boy!

I am the proudest mummy in the world!

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