Early Halloween

Well it’s been a damn good weekend!

I was a little bit apprehensive as we had my step daughter this weekend and I wasn’t sure how she was going to be with my Sinead o’ Connor look but she seemed absolutely fine with it.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with family.  It was so lovely spending quality time together as the little man and his cousins are not all together very often.  It was also great to have a good catch up and chat with my sister in law.

After we got back I decided to have a soak in the bath.  It’s the third week in a row I’ve had a Saturday night soak….candles, relaxation music – it really was heaven!

I’ve been consciously trying to have moments of “mindfulness” and I am really enjoying just thinking of nothing.  I honestly could have fallen asleep in there!

It must have worked as I managed to sleep until 7am which is 2 hours more than I have been!

This morning I decided to fit in another run before chemo starts tomorrow, so at 8am I headed into my shed.

It was a bit of an emotional run, I decided to play the Robbie song that I quoted yesterday in my blog.

I could feel myself filling up as I ran, I was literally singing my heart out. Over the years Robbie’s songs are filled with memories. “Angels” reminds me so much of our first year at Uni when we dressed as angels for our hall ball. I say dressed, we were wearing very little, wouldn’t dream of wearing anything so short these days!

Then there was Millenium! Brings back memories of being in Bermuda drinking dark and stormy!

And now “I love my life”, this has to be the most iconic song for me now. I know there will be good and bad days throughout this journey but nothing is going to stop me loving my life. Yeah cancer is fu&kibg shit (sorry for swearing, Mum) but I have so many good things in my life and so many reasons to wake up to in the morning.

Fired up, I get showered and ready for “fat club.”

One thing I feel so strongly about is not putting the weight back on that I have worked so hard to lose.

It’s so bloody windy outside that I decide to wear my woolly beanie. It’s the safer option, I am not sure I can cope with another wig malfunction!

My theory is that the woolly beanie weighs the same as my wig so when I do weigh in with a wig I don’t get a gain! The things you do for a weigh in!

It’s a family trip there and it’s a double loss for me and hubby…. get in! I’ve only got 3.5lb to get to goal, and this week I saw my weight start with a 9 on their scales!!

After fat club, we head home and have a cooked brunch. Yes before you tut, it is allowed! It’s all been “counted” for!

Then it’s time for the highlight of my weekend….. Halloween at the Davie’s.

Unfortunately we don’t have our step daughter next weekend and Halloween has become a memory maker in this house so we decide to celebrate early.  I love Halloween, I think part of it is that we never really did Halloween as a kid. So I am making up for lost years!

First we carve pumpkins, then decorate the room and decorate gingerbread pumpkins. I am such a kid at heart!


I sit in the armchair and watch the kids.  They are absolutely loving today.  Their faces are full of smiles.  Just watching them being so content gives me goosebumps.

I love them both so much.

This afternoon we have lovely family meal. It’s a perfect ending to a perfect day.

It’s time for my step daughter to head home.  Her and little man have a goodbye hug. They hate saying goodbye and tonight both of them look so sad. Little man is clinging onto her. I am so thankful they get on so well. There is something so special about sibling love. The way I love my bro 🙂

Well tomorrow it’s chemo 2, it’s come around so fast. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a little bit anxious (yes, I’m human) but I will have my coin in my pocket and my “rock” will be there by my side.


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