Chemo #2

Hi-ho, hi-ho

It’s off to chemo I go,

In a few hours time,

I’ll be 50% to the finishing line!

Hi ho, hi ho!

Talking of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, I used to resemble Snow White with my very dark hair and pasty white skin….. can’t say I could pull off that look right now!

I’d say I am a cross between Dopey and Sleepy today.  Yesterday Hubby found the packet of cream crackers in the fridge! Yes I’m guilty! Wtf?!

Last night I didn’t sleep great, but obviously I am feeling a little nervous about the chemo.  Although I had a really good first cycle, I am very aware this could be a different ball game.

My first mission today is to not have a severe reaction. When I had my chat with the nurse last time she said it’s usually the 2nd one that you would react to.  She described it a bit like a bee sting, where usually the first bee sting you are fine but it’s the 2nd one that can cause the reaction.

Today we are leaving a little bit later as my son is at holiday club, I am hoping that the half term traffic will be kind and that there won’t be bloody temporary roadworks on route!

Thankfully we arrive 10 mins before “opening” and we are first to arrive… again! Means we can have a private room… woohoo!

This time the “Mary Poppins” bag has had a few substitutions.  The scanner has been replaced by my wig!

Although I’ve come in my woolly beanie, I know the Prof has a thing about hair given the amount of times he has asked if I want to cold cap…so I decide to bring the wig to wear for him. I know it probably sounds silly, but I need to keep my superhero happy!

It is bloody cold in here and it isn’t just me, even hubby is cold.  Someone’s left the bloody air conditioning on!  Luckily there are individual settings a bit like climate control so I can whack it up to sub tropical temperatures to keep those veins warm!  I’ve been wearing my right hand glove and had my warm wheat beanie bag on all the way here and I am not undoing all my good work!

I unpack my essentials and get the laptop fired up. I’ve brought some work to do with me. It’s just geeky spreadsheet stuff, nothing strenuous on the brain but I can’t face Lorraine this morning. I need distraction as today we have an added “step” to the process. I will be having my bloods done first and if I “pass” then chemo will happen. Failure is not an option, there is no way I am going into 2018 with this chemo crap, Lenny the lump is well and truly getting left in this year!

I get my bloods taken and thankfully after the 2nd attempt I “play ball”. Next is my BP….. it’s low but that’s pretty normal for me and as I found out when I had my boy, a lot better than high BP

Right back to my spreadsheets!

Soon the nurse is here, it’s a different one to last time but I do recognise her from one of my appointments with the Prof.  We go through how I have been and there are a lot of ticks in the “green” boxes, I wonder if I will get a sticker like my son does!

I tell her about my 3 wise men oils and her face begins lights up. She’s a big believer in essential oils too and doesn’t think I am a weirdo hippie 😉  Let’s just hope they have continued to work their magic.

30 mins later, she returns…….

“Results are back” she says

” I guess the heat pad you are carrying is a good sign” I reply with a grin on my facer

“Yep all good to go”

I had asked the nurse to go through my bloods and what they all mean in terms of metrics for having the chemo.

I have purposely not googled them as I wanted the professional to tell me. See, I am being a good girl lately, must be those “chillaxing” oils 😉

So first there is you hemoglobin (red cells /iron). Mine have dropped, as expected, but still all in a good range.  Apparently if they drop a certain level, you can still probably have chemo but you most likely need  iron supplements. I have been eating my greens 🙂

Then is your white blood count. Again mine has dropped but still in the good range, the tummy injection to stimulate white blood cell has done it’s thing!

Next platelets – how well your blood clots, apparently it can’t be too low or too high.  Mine has gone up but still in a very healthy range!

Next comes the Neutrophils, these are the foot soldiers sent in to tackle any infection. Again mine have dropped but still at an ok level. These are the really important ones for chemo. They are basically a measure of your immune system.  If it’s less than 1 it’s really a “no go” for chemo and the computer will be saying “no” as it is too risky.

As an Analyst I needed to know this stuff and you know what it will no doubt get put in chart along with my running diary!

It’s time to get wired up. I am getting used to the ritual now.

This time I will have the tax first and then the “C” chemo which I can’t remember it’s name. What I do remember is last time it made my head and sinuses feel s bit funny which is completely normal and the same happens this time.

Why does nature call when I am in the middle of Tax! Unfortunately I really can’t wait.

I maneuver my iv stand, it’s not that far to walk but already I’ve set the alarm off. Ffs!

Nurse to he rescue.

I’m sat on the loo when the alarm starts sounding again.

Bollo£ks….I can see a little bit of blood coming back out.  I finish off but I can’t get this shitty zip done on my jeans! Why did I not wear my chemo leggings that I especially bought???

There is no time to waste, I’ve still got my hands to wash, my mum will never forgive me if I skip that!

I go run to the nurse station, trying to not bash this stand anymore but at the same time trying to avoid my jeans from falling to my bloody ankles.

I can just picture it now…. jeans down and the Prof walking round the corner getting the shock of his life! I haven’t even put this wig on yet!

Luckily all is fine, she resets the machine and walks me back accompanied! Thank goodness hubby is there.

“Help, can you do up my jeans, there gonna fall down any minute” I shout to hubby

Phew! Glad that panic is over!  What am I like???! Oh well you have to have a giggle at this!

So whilst we are finishing up I show the nurse my blog and some of the doodles….

“Let me show you the Prof that  my friend drew”

She loves it

“you will have to show him, he’ll think it is great”

So after I am done we make a decision to keep my woolly beanie on and not faff with the wig, I’ll distract him with the super hero prof picture and win him over that way.

The plan worked he loved the picture although he did ask “how old is your son’s friend”

Rosie –  I think he thought you were a little bit younger than you are 😉 take it as a compliment!

He’s so impressed he wants me to send him a link, it’s made my day him seeing the site.  He also makes a compliment about my woolly beanie and I  fill him in on “brave the shave” and by £2,200 plus gift aid amount!

He’s proud, very proud!

At 3:30 we are on the way, I’ll see him again in 3 weeks time.  We head back to get the little man, he’s so pleased to see me.  He’s returned with a homemade broom, wand and potion and says he is going to turn me into a frog! I will take that as a compliment!

As we’ve got home earlier it means we can all have dinner together and we even have time for a spot of Halloween crafts!

I’m feeling tired, my legs are feeling heavy and my head is hurting but I don’t care.

I am 50% done.  6 more weeks as my dad worked out.  Only 6 more weeks and then it will be me ringing that bell!

I’ve decided to take the Prof’s advice and take it easy next few days which means a break from the blog writing so don’t worry if I’m quiet.

Signing off for now.

But as Arnie says… “I’ll be back”



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