I’m back!

I’m back!!!!

Oh blog, I have missed thee, but it’s been nice to have some “space” from you. I absolutely love writing each day but sometimes it’s bloody hard fitting everything in!


Well it’s a week since chemo and here is the update from the official Gem chemo 2 report!

Side effects update 

Well been pretty much the same as the first cycle so I really can’t complain. I had a couple of low energy days once I came off the steroids but nothing that a cat nap didn’t sort along with an early night!

I have been really good with drinking loads of fluids.  I just want this fricking poison out of me so fast and have been filling my tummy with “good” stuff along with using my oils – oh yes plenty of the 3 wise men pressies for gemsy! but I did make an exception for cake at the end of week! I actually hadn’t craved sweet stuff until yesterday which is a first for me as I have a very sweet tooth!

Bank balance update 

Omg it has taken a battering.  Retail therapy never felt so gooooooood! I am surprised hubby has not put a “block” on the internet access! How  did we cope without online shopping?

I decided to “treat” myself this week to a new red coat. Did I “need” it? …..Er no but did I want it? oh yes!!

In my defence I do not own a red coat and I felt like I needed a bit of colour in my life other than pink! It did have 20% off too and I wore it for the school run this morning and it gave me a huge boost! I have also made a big start on the Christmas shopping.  Food is all ordered from good old m&s and I’ve been busy planning! …..Omg I just love to plan and even more so knowing in 5 weeks time this chemo shit will be all over!

Wobbles update 

In all honesty I have only had one wobble in the past week and that was only a “micro” wobble on the wobble-o-meter.

My hair has continued to shed each day and last week I started to “think”……. I hope hubby still loves me, I hope he won’t go find someone else as I am too ugly right now …….

Sill,y I know,  but sometimes you just can’t help it 😦

Honesty is the best policy so I did “fess up” to hubby about my “bad” thoughts… he gave me a big cuddle. He actually said that not many people would look as good as me with no hair.

He made my night 🙂

He’s not a man of many words but when he does say things I know he means it 🙂

My little man has been absolutely brilliant too.  Don’t get me wrong he has had his moments, but he has been so loving, wanting to cuddle and kiss me and feel my “prickly” head. He’s made me feel like the most loved mummy in the world 🙂

So that is the round up of  chemo cycle 2 (week 1) – pretty boring but hey sometimes boring is good.  Bloody good in fact! I will take boring right now!

No drama please Lenny, you stay put in your jar!



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