Fetch the Nanny

So the last couple of days I’ve had a very special lady staying – the one and only Nanny Noble aka my Mum.  It wasn’t a planned stay but hubby hurt his back on Sunday and ended up bed bound for a couple of days.

A bit rude if you ask – how dare he get injured – he is supposed to be the one looking after me!!

Thankfully Super Nurse / Nanny came to the rescue, the truth be known it was a bit of an excuse for us both to have some time together, we rarely get proper 1:1 time these days and although we speak every day it’s not the same as having a “mammy cuddle”

I even got her to give me one of her “healing” massages.  She has been saying she would give me a head massage for 10 years but always has an excuse which usually involves her having had too many “spritzers”.


I must admit she does have super powers, I could have toasted marshmallows off the heat of those healing hands…… unfortunately it meant by 7:30pm, I was ready for the land of zzzzzzz

I decided to kip in with her in the spare room so hubby could be more comfy but I did leave the “patient” with a bell if he needed anything!

It was like our own pj party, girlie chats in the night and best of all, loads of cuddles.  The last time we spent so much time together was when she stayed with me before and after I had little man. I needed her so much back then, many a night she spent rocking and singing her grandson to sleep.

The best decision we ever made was to move closer to family, I can’t bear to imagine not seeing them weekly. She has been there to share so many of the little man’s milestones and I have never seen anyone so close to her children and grandchild.

I know this isn’t easy for her right now, I know some days are really tough for her but I know my positivity is helping her.  She is my number 1 blogger fan!.  She asked me the other day where do I get my strength from through this…….I wasn’t sure if it was a rhetorical question but I answered her anyway!

The fact is I get my strength from people. Starting with the 2 people who brought me into this world.  I am a complete hybrid of them both but thank goodness I get my looks from Mum!

From my dad I get my determination, making things happen, not taking any shit! but from Mum I get my emotions, my emphathy, my caring nature.  They are my biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses at times!

One thing I have really struggled with in the past is putting myself first.  It is definitely a trait I get from my mum.  It is a trait I have been really working on over the last few months to be more aware of and I know although it doesn’t come natural to me, I am putting myself first a lot more.

I had a flashback the other day to a baby clinic visit when little man was a few weeks old.  The health visitor told me that a healthy baby needed a healthly mum and that meant taking care of ourselves.  Yes she was indirectly having a go at me!!

Life is so fast paced nowadays and how many times do we find ourselves saying “I’m too busy, not had the time”.

Yes, time is limited but then we need to make sure we spend our time doing the “right” things. Sorting out our priorities. Oh, forgot prioritisation – definitely get that from the old man!

For me health had become a priority before Lenny became a squatter but if I am completely open, there was a lot of things I was still not putting myself first.

Since Chemo has started, it is like a “on” switch has been pressed. The “put yourself first” switch.  Yeah, some days I have felt crap but there are some things in my daily life now that are non-negotiable. P1 as we say at work!  The other shit can wait!

“Super Gran” lemon water

2.5 litres fluid

Daily Oil  / Skinroutine

Boob and arm stretches

“Fresh” air

Loads of cuddles with my boys!

I tell you, so far through Chemo it has worked wonders, yeah things can get worse side effect wise but I honestly know it is having  a really positive effect on me and I don’t think I have ever “glowed” so much 😉

Ok, went slightly off tangent then but there is a link.  I know my Mum is reading this post right now.

“Mammy, we’ve had a wonderful couple of days together, full of so much love, “healing”, slightly lower bank balance and a touch of pinkness!!

You go take that “energy” and from today start putting yourself first.  You have seen for yourself what it has done for me, there are gonna be so many more girlie times ahead. Let’s be the best version of us!”


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