Little Miss Sleepy

It’s 5am and Woohoo – guess who slept last night??? Oh yes, I have cracked the sleep code!!!

So far Gemsy 1 – 0 Steroids

A few hours later though and I must admit the “spring” I had in my step at 5am has now warn off and by 8am I am fading fast 😦

Step in my “Rock” to “take over” the situation.  I have been “ordered” to rest whilst he takes little man swimming and then to his best friend’s superhero party.  As I wave goodbye to “Flash” the superhero, I am holding back the tears.   I really wanted to take him to his party, he has been planning his outfit for weeks but my friends are coming over later and I really need to try and get some energy together!

2 hours later I am awake and refreshed, just in time for J to arrive.  I must confess I am a little apprehensive about her seeing me with no hair, she is a very tough cookie but you never know how those closest to you will react.

I was being silly of course and when she arrives she is un-phased!  We quickly head out to the local farm shop for lunch, I don’t know how long this energy “burst” will last but I am desperate for some “proper” food.  It’s great to have a natter and put the worlds to right and my jacket spud never tasted so good!

However today I do seem to feel sleepy “drunk”, the fuzzy chemo head is kicking in and I swear I have not had a drop of gin!

“Do you mind if we head back?” I say to J.  I know I need to be in my own 4 walls and “chill” a bit before my other friend L arrives.

The 3 of us were together all the way through Uni, we haven’t been together for a couple of years and I was so looking forward to seeing them.  We were planning on a proper afternoon tea out but Davie Tea Rooms will have to do!  We have a fab afternoon but I can see myself fading again and as L leaves, I resort to my pjs and my “Nanna Blanket”

My “Rock” calls us in for homemade lasagne and it tastes soooo good, I eat far too much and I know I am gonna bloody regret this when my sensitive chemo  stomach kicks in later!

By 7pm though I am back on the sofa and in the world of zzzzzzz, thankfully when I woke at 10pm J and hubby were having a G and T.  Apparently, she had a Gin lesson and has been sampling a few!  It makes me feel less guilty for being little miss sleepy!  We then decide to have an impromptu cheese board, well if I am not drinking I am gonna have some good food – sod the bloody weight watcher points tonight and I will have to deal with the consequences of whappy cheese dreams!

sleepy head

I’ve loved my girlie afternoon but I know I have over done it today in more ways than 1 and I only have myself to blame!  It was worth it though to see the ladies but note to self and after a severe telling off from hubby, remember this for last Chemo cycle and TAKE IT EASY!!!!

I promise to take it easy now, brownie promise!

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