Credit card battering

It’s Black Friday which could be very dangerous especially with these recent spending habits! I’ve had a good week side effect wise and apart from fatigue which is expected I have felt “normal”. No throat infections this time but I still have these 2 neck lumps, yes they are still bloody there and unfortunately still “messing” with my head although failing to produce a big wobble on the wobble-o-meter but enough to be messing with my sleep!

Thankfully the voice of reason Nanny Noble is here and we agreed I would call the chemo ward to let them now my anxieties and see if I could get in with the Prof at his next clinic.

Once I made the call I felt a lot better, like I could “park” itup and enjoy our girlie day, all booked in for Monday.   I tell you nothing is gonna stop us having some Black Friday retail therapy!


I really don’t need any encouragement these days! By 7am I had already spent a small fortune online at John Lewis. I was only supposed to be buying a soup-maker with vouchers, I really don’t know how 2 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes “magically” ended up in my basket!!

I’d decided to have a sneaky “peek” at dresses, it is actually well over a year since I purchased my last dress. We are also going for the last (chemo) supper on sat night and of course I need a new dress, obviously!!!

I have even allocated funds from the birthday / Christmas money pot do it’s all been budgeted for, see the accountant in me is still there!!!

I was so distracted and slightly ocd about needing to place the order before they ran out that I failed to notice that my 4 year old had snuck 2 “snacks” into the bed. ffs I hope they were “crumbless” snacks and not biscuits otherwise hubby is not gonna be happy when he gets in bed later!!!

In my defence, I seem to use that so much lately,  I’m not even in court and there is no lawyer in sight to protect me, actually I take that back my 4 year old is the world’s best negotiator, mostly down to the fact that he asks for what he wants and doesn’t give a shit about hurting anyone feelings or offending them with his requests !

……Where was I? Oh yes in my defence I ordered 2 sizes of each, need to edger my bets that one of them fit so half the order will be going back!

This is all before Mum and I have even got out the door, infact Mum is still in the Land of zzzzzzz !!!

Mum and I visit our favourite shop, a little boutique type shop which is so reasonably priced in the next village. We come out with quite a few bags, best thing of all they are hot pink bags, you know me and my pinkness.  On the down side, they are not the easiest thing to hide from the hubby 😉

I don’t know why I say that, in reality he doesn’t mind what I spend, I think it’s the Yorkshire “tight with money” in me I am certainly not right with money I just like value for money!

Mum and I then head to the garden centre for a spot of  “ladies that lunch” and grab a few festive pressies before she heads back for the train.  We’ve had a lovely 24 hours and as drop her to the station I can see she has tears in her eyes. I’m fighting hard to keep them back, instead I phone Rosie as she needs radiator advice, multi-talented I am, accountant by day, plumber by night!! Hopefully the call will distract me (for now)

That evening hubby brings home fish and chips, I’ve been dreaming of them all week and he’s even brought me a can of shandy. It is the law in this house with fish and chips to have a can of bitter shandy!!

Mine also come with mushy peas, unfortunately my hubby does not share the same tastes ( bloody southerners) and the little man is following suit . “Yuk mushy leaves” he says!!!!

Omg that felt good, I am stuffed and I’m fading, fading fast, hubby prompts me to go to bed, by 8pm I’m in the world of zzzzz, Black Friday has worn me out!

Time to forget about the neck lump and focus on getting some energy for a family fun weekend!

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