Winter is coming!

Omg it’s bloody freezing outside! It’s Sunday afternoon and I am feeling very thankful for a warm and cosy house!  We had the chimney sweep man aka Dick van Dyke come over in the week and hubby has just lit our first fire of the season. Nothing beats a real fire 😊


Winter is definitely here, although my 4 year old keeps correcting me and saying “winter is on its way, it’s not winter yet Mummy”! Ffs he is his father’s son, “technically” he is correct, bloody perfectionist, always correcting me!

So thankful tomorrow I am seeing the Prof, I have been trying hard not to “think” too much and have been a good girl and stayed away from my enemy google!

We’ve had a lovely family weekend, we had breakfast out yesterday and little man managed to not “create” which always makes things so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to deal with a 4 year old having a strop in public!  He even behaved having his hair cut and we seem to have got over the phobia of visiting the hairdressers – hats off to my amazing hairdresser, Fatu!

I even managed to gather some energy to play a game of monopoly with little man. I think I shocked him when he asked if I could play a game with him and I said “go on then”.  I have however discovered though he is a cheat and makes up what the dice says so he can land on “Community chest” or “Chance”! He also reckons you can just add a hotel and not have to buy it. I think not little man and if you want to play again then there will be no cheating!!!! Mummy does not like a cheat!!

I did have to make a call to the Chemo line, not bowel movements this time but a fricking rash on my cannula hand!

It started as something that resembled a burn but seems to be travelling up my vein. After “consultation “with my hubby that I wasn’t imagining it, we decided the best option was to call the chemo line.

“Oh I think I have spoken to you before, aren’t you the one with all the December birthdays”

Ffs I can’t call anywhere these days without getting recognised 😉

I explain the situation and she says she’ll get the sister to call me back.

I was actually in the middle of cooking dinner and have already got my tactics sorted to avoid going down the hospital!  I could do without a Saturday evening visit there, it’s an hour to get there and Strictly starts in an hour!

I do put a “plan b” in place though and my friend has already said it’s ok for little man to go for a sleepover if we need to go to the hospital , it’s at times like these you realise who those special people are in your life!

Thankfully when the nurse calls back she agrees to accept a photo rather than us make the 60 mile round trip and after reviewing the rash decides I can just keep an eye on it.  How technology has hanged the world eh? And saved my sat night tv watching!!

I’ve decided I will “plan” for my Prof visit in the morning.  I’ve got a stew waiting for me and cuddles to have after that with the boys.`

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