I’m a survivor!

Well it’s been a roller-coaster week but I can now officially say I have kicked Cancer’s butt!

I’ve had one of the most nerve racking weeks of my life even though I have “played the nerves down” at times!

On Monday, I went to see my superhero the Prof about the bloody lumps on my neck.  Yep I am now known as “Alice the camel”.

I told him how I just could not move forward without knowing what these lumps were, it was supposed to be my last chemo on Monday, I should be ringing the bell proud but at the back of my mind was a niggle about these 2 lumps.

He still believed the lumps were reactive in my neck but he also got how worried I was and so he suggested I had a full body CT scan so we could rule out any unwanted “guests”, guest meaning Secondaries which would mean my cancer could no long be cured. It is the last thing any cancer patient wants to hear.  I knew it would be then a waiting game just like when I was waiting to hear about Lenny.

During the week I’d been trying to forget about it as I thought it would be Monday when I got the results, but on Wednesday I got a call from hubby reminding me that the Radiographer would be reviewing my scan today and asked if I had chased for the results.

I knew that meant indirectly he was anxious, of course he was anxious, I know all my poor family have been on the edge of their seats.  Part of me wanted to go away and hide but the other part of me wanting to face the truth whatever it was.

So I called the Prof’s secretary who is an absolute legend herself.  She always pushes for results and when she says she will do something I know she will.  Its all about Trust, life is all about Trust.  I trust her and I trust the Prof.

It’s 4:30pm and she says the results are usually reported after 5pm, Prof was in consultations until 6:30 pm and then she would get him to call me.

6:30 came and went, yes I am so impatient but I know he is always running late, not because he is inefficient but cos he genuinely cares about his patients.

I talked myself out of him calling.

“Maybe it’s bad news” I thought…… “he doesn’t want to give me that kind of news over the phone” said the little voice inside my head……… Yes even Little Miss Positive has negative thoughts, I’m human after all….

Then at 7:15 the phone rang, unknown number, I ran as fast as I coulc, it could only be the Prof!

“Your CT scan is clear”

It took a few seconds for it to sink in what he said – not sure if it was chemo brain or I was in shock!

“The lumps are showing on the scan but they are normal lumps” he continued

“Thank you so much for calling me, it means sooooooooo much and now I know I can now move forward”

Apparently, there is some inflammation on my left lung but that is from the Radiotherapy and is nothing to worry about.

The superhero Prof saves to day again!

The timing could not be better, my mum and sister-in-law were here.

“It’s clear”, I shout, my mum came running up and gave me the biggest hug then we both burst into floods of tears!

“Team Kicking Lenny’s butt” has declared victory!!!!

I am now officially a Cancer Survivor!

Bring the last chemo on!


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