Ring that Bell, I’m a Chemo Graduate!!!


Christmas jumper – check

Reindeer antlers – check

Huge cheesy smile on face – check

Cancer Survivor book -check

Yes someone is a bit “de mob” happy that it is my last Chemo today!!!  Just gotta pass these final bloods today.

I’ve written my list for Prof too, top of it “Can I have a letter so I can have spa treatments again?”

Yep, getting my priorities sorted! No more questions about these lumps, it’s about moving forwards and we desperately in need a little spa break next year!  I’ve missed them so much and Spa’s don’t seem to touch you with a barge pole when you are labelled with the big “C – yes it does pi$$ you off at times but hey, soon I will have that magic “Yes I CAN  have a treatment” letter – take that to cover your ar$es!!

Amazing how cancer makes you less tolerant to Shit, I am still a nice person….honest!!!

We are the first as always to arrive at the Chemo ward and I am literally skipping down the ward with my Christmas jumper, reindeer scarf and antlers.  Hubby says people will think I am a weirdo but quite frankly I don’t give a monkeys!!! No one is taking the smile off my face today!

I unpack my bag, and get my bell out ready.  There is a story behind the bell, my Dad got it Hubby as a wedding present so he could “ring me for attention”!!!! Yes my Dad likes to wind me up but thankfully Hubby has never rung it, he knows better!!! It may be small but boy is it loud!!!! Bit like me really 😉

Well an hour later and bloods are back and we are all set to go!  Being an “analyst” I have asked to see them, oh you can’t take the numbers geek out of me.  You know to say I am on my final chemo by bloods are still pretty damn good! Must be those oils!! – what a bit a frankincense does for your system!

Nurse does my assessment, we have a laugh about this month’s side effects and my calls to the chemo line, oh you really do have to laugh it off!

Then the Prof makes an appearance, he’s early today, good job I am prepared!!!

“It’s my superhero the Prof” I shout!!!

And no Rosie I didn’t not ask if he was wearing his super hero pink pants although I did opt for pink pants today – it had to be done in celebration!

A few months ago I would never had made the “Superhero” comments but Prof knows me and I know the Prof.  Feel so thankfully that to Prof and the team I am certainly a name and not a number!

I thank him for arranging the CT scan and for calling me so promptly with the news, it has helped me more than I can ever imagine!

Then I ask him whether he will sign my cancer survivor practical handbook – he isn’t the author it but I feel it right that he signs it for me.  I don’t look what he has written, I will save that for later!

We agree I will start Tamoxifen early in the new year and I need to make an appointment to see my GP – good job I am so organised and have arranged it already!

I will see him again in Feb, wow seems like a long time, a tad daunting in fact but I’ve prepared for the brief goodbye.

Time only for one last thing – a team photo.


Team “we kicked Lenny’s butt photo”. Prof, Me and the 2 amazing nurses! It’s a keeper to cherish!

His smile is almost as big as mine today and then we say goodbye ☹

The chemo bit passes quick, at the end of the first lot, the nurse tells me I am not having the second lot today – Prof has taken it off, probably due the to CT scan results and I have read that actually 3 cycles of the same drug are typically the most effective.  I am so pleased as the second drug always does weird things to my head and sinuses when it goes in!

In no time at all I am packing up, given my thank you cards and gifts to the Nurse’s

Time for the grand finale……. RINGING THAT BELL!!!!!

I rang it hard, hopefully you all heard!!!

I pack up the bell and get out my book…. I turn to Prof’s writing….

“It has been a pleasure looking after you”

That comment really did mean so much….

Thank you Super Prof, love your very proud and happy Chemo graduate!!




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